21 Day 1700 Calorie Keto Meal Plan

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Last Updated on August 25, 2021 by Toya

Looking for an easy to follow 1700 calorie keto meal plan? If you are, then you’ll really love this one.

Counting calories is not something that usually happens when following keto. However, if you’re the type to want to practice calorie counting, then this post will make it easy for you to do so. This 1700 calorie keto meal plan is exactly what you’ll need to eat keto friendly meals that add up to 1700 or less calories each day. The best part is that this makes eating good food on keto super easy and convenient!

1700 calorie keto meal plan

Can I get a pdf version of this keto meal plan

Yes, you can get a pdf version of this low carb 1700 calorie meal plan. This pdf costs $1 and includes 21 days of keto meals with a daily calorie limit of 1700. 

How many carbs should I eat on a 1700 calorie diet?

On keto, reducing carbs is integral to getting results. Therefore, you should aim to eat 30 or less net carbs per day during a 1700 calorie day. The meals below add up to under 30 net carbs per day. 

What can I eat for a 1700 calorie diet?

There is a lot you can eat with 1700 calories. That includes satisfying meals like:

  • Keto pancakes
  • Keto ice cream recipes
  • Keto casseroles
  • Keto salads

Below, you’ll find 35 very satisfying keto meals that fit perfectly into that calorie limit.

1700 calorie keto meal plan

Day one

Total calories for day 1 = 1587 calories

Total net carbs for day 1 = 25.6 net carbs


Day two

Total calories for day 2 = 1700 calories

Total net carbs for day 2 = 15.2 net carbs


Day three

Total calories for day 3 = 1709 calories

Total net carbs for day 3 = 25.1 net carbs

1700 calorie low carb meal plan

Day four

Total calories for day 4 = 1611 calories

Total net carbs for day 4 = 21.87 net carbs


Day five

Total calories for day 5 = 1678 calories

Total net carbs for day 5 = 16.1 net carbs

1700 calorie meal plan

Day six

Total calories for day 6 = 1659 calories

Total net carbs for day 6 = 17.4 net carbs


Day seven

Total calories for day 7 = 1737 calories

Total net carbs for day 7 = 14.9 net carbs

Is 1700 calories a day too much?

The calories a body need to function and or lose weight are very subjective and based on things that are personal to each individual like age, height, current weight, any medical conditions etc. However, there are many people who have used 1700 calories daily as their bench mark to help achieve their body goals. If you’re looking for a keto meal plan with 1700 or less calories per day, this is an amazing meal plan to try out that can help you achieve your goals. 

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