Cajun Butter Sauce

Learn how to make this easy cajun butter sauce in under 10 minutes. This flavorful sauce is literally one of the best butter sauces for dipping your seafood into! When you try this homemade cajun butter recipe, you’ll never miss restaurant cajun dipping sauce again!  Cajun garlic butter sauce When it comes to delicious and … Read more

Cajun Sauce

Make this easy cajun sauce with mayo, cajun seasoning and a few other ingredients in just minutes.  This creamy homemade sauce is perfect for using on meats, in salads, and as a quick dipping sauce. Creamy cajun sauce This creamy Cajun sauce is very versatile and easy to make. It takes just a few simple … Read more

Easy Shrimp Fajitas Recipe (25 Minute Meal!)

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Seafood Boil Seasoning Mix

Are you planning on making a huge seafood boil feast? If you are, then chances are you’re looking for a flavorful seafood boil seasoning mix to help make this seafood boil recipe the best it could possibly be. This simple spice mixture will not disappoint!  Seafood boil seasoning recipe Seafood boil seasoning is the spice … Read more

Baked Cajun Wings

These oven baked cajun wings are a delicious, easy to make super crispy recipe packed with flavor. These easy cajun chicken wings need only 2 ingredients and are perfect for a quick lunch or weeknight dinner. Cajun wings These cajun chicken wings, like these delicious air fryer frozen wings take bland wings to another level. … Read more

Cajun Seasoning

This homemade Cajun seasoning is made with only 10 ingredients and is the perfect spice blend to add an amazing Cajun flavor to proteins, veggies, sauces and dips. This Cajun spice mix is super easy to make too, as you’ll only need common spices and herbs that you probably already have in your cabinet.  What … Read more

Cajun Shrimp Recipe (12 Minute Meal)

You have to try out this delicious spicy cajun shrimp recipe made with just 3 ingredients! This recipe is great for a quick weeknight dinner and goes well with rice, veggies or stir fries and is low carb and low in calories! Cajun shrimp Recipe This spicy cajun shrimp recipe is a 15 minute seafood … Read more

Fajita seasoning

 This fajita seasoning is made with only 8 ingredients and is the perfect spice blend to add an amazing spicy flavor to dishes like fajitas, vegetables, chicken, seafood and Mexican dishes. Fajita seasoning Fajita seasoning like our easy taco seasoning is perfect for topping fajitas, tacos, grilled shrimp, veggies, meats and more! This homemade seasoning … Read more