Keto Grocery List With Net Carbs – For Beginners

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Maintaining a stable weight or knowing the right foods to eat on a keto journey is not an easy thing. This keto grocery list with net carbs was created to make keto less complicated so you know what to eat or how to measure the food properly.


To take the stress out of searching through tons of pages over the internet to find the right quantity, we have taken the liberty of gathering up some main keto foods to consume and the carbs in each. So yes, this is a handy keto grocery list with net carbs!

keto grocery list with net carbs

Keto grocery list for beginners

This is an easy keto grocery list that outlines all the foods you can eat while on a keto journey. It includes all the fruits, vegetables, fats, nuts and seeds, pantry items, fats, proteins, seafood, beverages, dairy, and other specialty keto grocery items one can eat.

Is this really a keto grocery list with net carbs?

Yes, it is! The best part is that this is a keto grocery list with net carbs which will make it that much easier to do keto properly! So, if you’re ready to learn what to eat on keto, keep reading:

 Leafy Vegetables


As you start on your keto journey, leafy greens are essential on keto because they are nutrient-dense, high in fiber, low in fat, but ultimately low in carbs with enough water to keep you full for a long time. 

Foods Serving size Net Carbs
Asparagus 1 cup (91g) Raw 6 grams
Alfalfa sprouts 1 cup (33g) 0.1 grams
Arugula 1 cup (100g) 2 grams
Broccoli 1 cup (50g) 4 grams
Broccoli Rabe 1 cup (50g) raw 1 gram
Cabbage 1 cup (89g) 5 grams
Collard greens 1 cup (100g) chopped 1.7 grams
Dandelion green 1 cup (55g) chopped 5 grams
Endive 100 gram chopped 0.3 grams
Iceberg lettuce 1 cup (50g) 2 grams
Kale 1cup (67g) 7 grams
Lettuce 1 cup (100g) 1.6 grams
Napa cabbage 1 cup (100 g) 2.2 grams
Bok Choy 100 grams 0.8 grams
Romaine lettuce 1 cup (50g) Raw 2 grams
Spinach 1 cup (180g)Raw 1 gram
Swiss chard 1 cup cooked 3 grams
Watercress 1 cup (34g) 0.3 grams



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Low Carb Vegetables


Vegetables are great for keto dieters and are essential on any beginner keto grocery list. Note, only a few are great and actually low in carbs. So, proper moderation, and serving sizes should be considered for keto. Here are the low carb keto vegetables with their net carbs.

Vegetable Serving size Net carbs
Cucumbers ½ cup (52g) 1.5 grams
Artichokes ½ cup (84g) 10 grams
Bamboo shoots ½ cup 1.2 grams
Beets 1 cup (136g) 13 grams
Bell peppers 1 cup (149g) chopped 9 grams
Button mushroom 1 cup (70g) 2.3 grams
Cauliflower 1 cup (100g) 5 grams
Celery 40 grams 1.2 grams
Chili peppers 1 cup (139g) 4 grams
Eggplant 1 cup (62g) 4.8 grams
Garlic 4 grams raw I gram
Green Beans 1 cup (125g) 10 grams
Mushroom 1 cup (70g) 1.6 grams
Okra ½ cup 2 grams
Olives 1 cup (99g) 3 grams
Onions ½ (58g) 6 grams
Radishes ½ cup (57g) 1 gram
Rhubarb 1 cup (122g) 5.5 grams
Rutabagas 1 cup (140g) 12 grams
Sauerkraut 1 cup (142g) 7 grams
Shallot ¼ cup raw shallot 6.7 grams
Sugar snap peas 1 cup (85g) 4 grams
Yellow squash 1 cup (115g) 3.31 grams
Turnips 1 cup (120g) 6.1 grams
White mushroom 1 cup (70g) 2.3 grams
Yellow bell pepper 1 cup (149g) 9.6 grams
Zucchini 1 cup (124g) 4 grams



Low Carb Fruits

Although fruits are not considered keto compliant, if you can avoid high sugar content fruits, then you are good to go. The following are some excellent fruits to enjoy on a keto diet.

Fruits Serving size Net carbs
Avocado 1/3 medium-size fruit 1 gram
Blackberries ¼ cup 1.5 gram
Blueberries ½ cup(74g) 10.5 gram
Coconut 1/3 cup flakes 5 grams
Lemons One whole lemon 5 grams
Limes 2 diameter lime 5 grams
Starfruit 1/2 cup 2.6 grams
Raspberries 100 grams 5.4 grams
Strawberries 100 grams 5.7 grams
Tomatoes 1 cup (149g) 6 grams
watermelon 1 cup 11 grams

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Low Carb Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are healthy snack options for keto. They contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, fibers and proteins that are good and healthy for the body. These are the keto friendly nuts and seeds that can fit into any keto grocery list for beginners. 

Nuts/seeds Serving portion Net carbs
Almonds ¼ cup 3 grams
Brazilian nuts 30 grams 3.7 grams
Cashews 28 grams 8.6 grams
Chia seeds 28 grams 6 grams
Flaxseeds 28 grams 11 grams
Macadamia nuts 28 grams 3.9 grams
Pecan 28grams 4 grams
Pistachios 26 grams 7.7 grams
Pumpkin seeds 28 grams 5 grams
Sesame seeds ¼ cup 8 grams
Walnuts 28 grams 3.8 grams

Low Carb Fats

Fats are at the center of a keto dieter’s success. In addition to the list of healthy nuts and seeds above, the table below shows a list of oils and fats to help spice up your foods as you start on your keto journey.


Oils & fats Serving size Net carbs
Butter 14.2 grams 0 gram
MCT oils 14 grams 0 gram
Olive oils 15 grams 0 gram
Ghee 1 tsp 5 grams 0 gram
Coconut oil 13.6 gram (1 tbsp) 0 gram
Cocoa butter 14 gram 0 gram
Avocado oil One tablespoon  0 gram
Red palm oil 13.6 grams 0 gram


Low Carb Protein Sources

Besides fats, proteins are the next keto grocery essentials, the fattier the better. While we keep that in mind, remember to go for organic, grass-fed and fresh-cut poultry, or meat when buying. You can shop at a local farmer’s stalls if possible. Chicken is a very popular protein on keto and with good reason as it can be used to make recipes like this delicious chicken salad. Besides chicken, here are the other protein sources you can check out:

Proteins Serving size Net carbs
Charcuterie – salami, pepperoni 50 grams 1.12 grams
Beef 50 grams 0 gram
Chicken – any part 50 grams 0 gram
Bacon 50 grams 0 gram
Sausage 50 grams 0 gram
Ham 50 gram 1 gram
Pork belly 50 gram 1.8 gram
Offals 50 grams < 0.5 gram
Other poultry 50 grams 0 gram


Low Carb Seafood

Besides meats and poultry, seafood is also a good choice of protein. Fish provide healthy Omega-3 fats and take well to herbs and spices. Seafood such as shellfish and other crustaceans are also great.

Seafood Serving size Net carbs
Fish – salmon, halibut, tuna, mahi-mahi, trout, etc 100g 0 grams
Seafood – crab, crawfish, lobster, and other crustaceans 100g 1 gram


Dairy & Eggs – Low Carb

If you are dairy intolerant, scroll past this section, otherwise, dairy is an excellent addition to your keto diet. They are high in proteins, low in unhealthy fats and great for you.

Food Serving size Net carbs
All types of cheeses – hard. Soft or cottage 28 grams ¼ cup 0 –  1.8 grams
Plain Cream cheese 2 oz (56g) 2 grams
Whole milk 50 grams 2.6 grams
Coconut Cream 1 tbsp (15g) 1 gram
Half & Half 50ml 2.2 grams
Heavy Whipping cream 15g 1 tbsp 0 gram
Sour cream ½ cup (115g) 3.3 grams
Yogurt 117g (1/2 cup) 5.7 grams
Greek yogurt 120grams (1/2 cup) 4.2 grams
Eggs 50 grams 0.6gram
Heavy cream 30 grams 0.8gram



Low Carb Beverages

If you are not a water lover because of its tastelessness, try adding a slice of lemon, some drops of lime juice, cucumbers or other keto vegetables you love.

Furthermore, there are a few options opened up to keto dieters but all things should be done in moderation.

Beverage/ Drink Serving size Net carbs
Water 1 cup 0 gram
Coffee – fresh grounds 8 ounce 0 gram
Tea  1 serving 0 gram
Low carb vegetable broth 100 grams 1 gram
Low carb beef broth 100 grams 1 gram
Vodka 50 gram 0 gram
Low carb beer 12 ounces 2.9 – 10 grams
Sparkling water 1 can 0 grams
Tequila 1 cup 0 gram
Unsweetened hemp milk 1 cup 1.3 grams
Unsweetened almond milk 1 cup (240ml) 1 grams
Unsweetened coconut milk 1 cup (225g) 7.1 grams


Low Carb flours and other Baking Ingredients

The internet is full of plenty of keto compliant baked goods, although baking the keto way can be hard, here are some ingredients that should be in your pantry to enable enjoy a decadent dessert as you watch your favorite movie without any fear of jeopardizing your keto diet.

Below, all of the best places and brands for each of the products mentioned are included. Click the links below if you want to get these products mentioned to start cooking or baking on your keto journey.

Baking Goods Serving size Net carbs
Almond flour ¼ cup (28g) 6 grams
Sunflower meal ¼ cup (33.5g) 7 grams
Erythritol 1 tsp 4 grams
Stevia 1 tsp 0.5 grams
Xanthan gum 1 tbsp 0 gram
Chia seed powder 1 tbsp (12g) 0.9 grams
Coconut flour ¼ cup 6 gram
Psyllium husk powder 1 tbsp (18g) 1.5 grams
Glucomannan powder 0.5 gram 0 gram
Heavy cream powder 1 tbsp (100g) 0 gram
Pork rinds 14 grams 0 grams
Pecan flour ¼ cup 1 gram
Ground flaxseed 30 grams 2 grams
Hazelnut flour 28.3 grams 2 grams
Gelatin 35 grams 4.6 grams
Vanilla extract 100 grams 0 gram
Cocoa powder (unsweetened) 1 tbsp (5g) 1 gram



Low Carb Sweeteners

Although we have mentioned some sweeteners in the table above, the lists here are some commonly used keto compliant sweeteners to help satisfy your sweet tooth but ensures you remain in ketosis.

Sweeteners Serving size Net carb
Allulose 100gram 5 gram
Inulin 100 grams 1 gram
Sucralose 100 grams 0 gram
Monk fruit 100 gram 0 gram


Low Carb Herbs and Spices

Food tastes bland with some sort of seasoning or spice. So to keep you in ketosis, we have the next table that will ensure you stay on track without sabotaging your diet plans.

Spice/seasoning Serving size Net Carbs
Paprika 1 tsp 0.9 grams
Fresh Rosemary 1 tsp 0.31 grams
Salt 1 tsp 0 gram
Lemon zest 1 tsp 0.26 grams
Cilantro fresh 1 tsp 0.04 grams
Cinnamon ground 1 tsp 1.3 grams
Bay leaf 1 tsp 2.29 gram
Black pepper 1 tsp 1.8 gram
Beef bouillon cube 1 tsp 0.82 grams
Cardamom 1 tsp 1.92 grams
Cayenne 1 tsp 1.39 gram
Celery seeds/dried 1 tsp 1.4/1.69 grams
Chili powder 1 tsp 0.7 gram
Chives, fresh 1 tsp 0.09 grams
Curry powder 1 tsp 0.12 gram
Dill, fresh 1 tsp 0.23 gram
Ginger, fresh 1 tsp 0.74 gram
Allspice, Ground 1 tsp 2.4 grams
Basil fresh/dried 1 tsp 0.04/2.21 grams
Wasabi root 1 tsp 0.75 grams
Spearmint, fresh 1 tsp 0.08 grams
Turmeric roots 1 tsp 0.13 grams
Thyme, fresh 1tsp 0.49 gram
White peppers 1 tsp 2.01 grams



Low Carb Dips, Sauces & Condiments

 The table below will enable you to choose the right condiment to make your food taste good and ensure you stay wholly keto.

Sauce/dips Serving size Net carbs
Guacamole 30 gram (2 tbsp) 2.6 gram
Balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp (16g) 2.7 grams
béarnaise 47 gram 1 gram
Black olive tapenade 1 Tbsp (17g) 0.8 gram
Blueberry sauce  One tbsp 3.7 grams
Chimichurri sauce 1 tbsp (15g) 0.7 gram
Cream cheese 1 tbsp (13 g) 0.7 gram
Dressing/vinaigrette (balsamic) 1 tbsp 1 gram
Heavy cream 1 tbsp (15g) 0.4 grams
Horseradish 1 tbsp 1.4 grams
Hummus 1 tbsp (15g) 3 grams
Lemon/Lime 1 tbsp 1 -1.5 grams
Marinara sauce ¼ cup (66g) 5 grams
Mayonnaise 1 tbsp (15g) 0 gram
Mustard (organic) 1 tsp 0.1 grams
Pesto 1 tbsp (15g) 1.2 grams
Salsa 18 grams 1.2 grams
Tabasco sauce (hot sauces) 1 tsp (5g) 0 gram


Specialty keto ingredients for the keto lifestyle

While I’ve listed all the basic healthy fats, low carb vegetables, low carb fruits, nuts and seeds and more that are allowed for keto, there are also some important speciality keto ingredients or keto grocery items that are highly recommended to make the keto diet work for you.

These includes keto flours, keto sweeteners, and some miscellaneous items to name a few. These are very important in keto cooking as they help you to broaden the scope of the food you can make on this new diet. These are important for baking, making desserts, making syrups, making bread and so much more. They include:

Keto Flours

These are important for making baked goods like keto breads, pies, keto cakes, pancakes, muffins, cookies and more. 

You can also chance a few other items like carbquik for instance but only is you’re following a dirty keto lifestyle.


Keto sweeteners

Great for adding sweetness to your keto recipes without the carbs. Also great for making your own sugar free syrups.

Keto Miscellaneous items



How to get started on keto

To get started, do as much research as you possibly can. Keto is an entire lifestyle change so the more you know about it the better and easier it will be for you and, the easier it will be to stick to this new lifestyle. Here is a straight forward keto essentials list that helps you with all the must haves for keto. 

What not to eat on keto

Now that you have a fairly good ideas of what you can eat on keto, there is also a long list of the foods you cannot eat on this new keto lifestyle. Keto includes high fat, moderate proteins and low carbs and so all food that are high in carbs are to be avoided. To make it easier, stick to the foods that are listed here to avoid eating foods that are not recommended for a keto lifestyle.

The foods to avoid on keto include foods like honey, brown sugar, cane sugar and syrups. Also Starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, and cereals. And even fruits like mangoes, plums, apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples, grapes, watermelon and pears. And butters sweetened with sugars like peanut butter or even meats like spam.



Keto meal plan with low carb food list

Making the decision to make a lifestyle change can sometimes feel overwhelming. For this reason, I’ve created a simple to follow keto meal plan pdf to help you get through these first 14 days of this journey as easily as possible. You can get this 14 day keto meal plan here. 



FREE Keto grocery list pdf 

Lastly, you can download this easy keto grocery list pdf for free

Now you don’t need to ask too many questions concerning what to eat or not to eat on a keto diet. This is a comprehensive keto grocery list for beginners you can take with you to the grocery store to ensure that you’re staying on track on your keto journey and make keto shopping a breeze. By the way, if you’re looking for a simple keto grocery list, this beginner keto grocery list in pdf form is one you absolutely must download!  And, if this grocery list is too overwhelming and you need a cheap keto grocery list click here. 



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