Food Blog Income Report | August 2023

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Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Toya

This is my August 2023 income report where I’m sharing how my blog performed in the last 30 days. This income and traffic report will include how much money I made blogging in August 2023, how much traffic I received, important events that happened during that month, and finally, my goals for the upcoming month.

In this food blog income and traffic report, I’ll be sharing a broad overview of my blogging journey in the last 30 days.

P.S. I did not post an income report for July 2023, but I’ll try to get to it and post it ASAP.

Before we get into it, here is a quick recap of my first year of blogging:

As you can see in this recap, it is totally possible to start a food blog and make it successful in a year. With the right foundation, knowledge, and a willingness to dedicate some time, anyone can make a food blog (or any other blog) successful. If you’ve been wanting to start your own food blog, then follow my simple step-by-step guide on how you can do so in less than 1 hour. Otherwise, here’s how this food blog performed in August.

Overview of August 2023

August was another okay month for the blog since the blog’s income grew overall. Overall, the blog made $2338.07, but, I believe I could have increased income and traffic if I had dedicated more time. Unfortunately, I got caught up with some other projects and this limited the hours I could spend working on Ohsofoodie.

By the way, I went through my income reports and I’ve noticed that I repeat the same thing over and over. Therefore, I’m going to be sharing some other useful tips. After all, I want these income reports to be helpful for new or aspiring bloggers.

In the month of August, I was able to publish some new posts, update a handful of older posts, build some internal links, make eye-catching pins, and publish most of them to Pinterest.

Building internal links

I spend a good bit of my free time on Twitter consuming free blogging tips and tricks from other bloggers. If you’re starting out, this is something you should do too.

Does this sound interesting to you? Then hop on over to Twitter and search for a few keywords such as blogger, SEO, and Pinterest, and follow a few people who seem interesting to you. These bloggers usually share amazing SEO tips, Pinterest tips, and blogging tips throughout the month. A few of them also share income reports too!

A successful blogger that I follow on Twitter shared how she makes it a point to build 10 internal links and 10 incoming links to every post she publishes. She claims this is a great strategy for boosting her SEO traffic.

I’ve always known that internal linking between relevant blog posts is important, but sometimes, I forget to do it. Also, most times, once I hit publish on a post I don’t usually remember to go back and link between my posts. You can read the difference between internal links and incoming links here.

I made a very conscious effort to do this. And to go back to older posts and try to follow her example.

I’m already seeing a nice, albeit small bump in Google traffic to a few of those posts. I’ll continue to work on this in the coming months and let you know the results.

Updating older content

I’ve noticed that quite a few of my older posts are losing traffic. This is what bloggers call content decay. It is a process by which older posts lose traffic at around the same pace that new posts gain traffic. This keeps many bloggers in a state of little to no growth for years…I can definitely see that my content is going through this.

Therefore, I spent a few hours updating a few older posts in August. This is one of the easiest ways to make old content relevant again, while also increasing your traffic. I want to focus more time on updating as many older posts/recipes as I can in the upcoming months.

Traffic report for 2023

In August, my food blog received 65,638 page views. This is up 7000+ views from June 2023, but down roughly 3,000 views from July 2023 (I will share the July 2023 income report in a couple of days). Slightly worrying, but overall the blog seems to be growing. So, let’s see how it does in the next few months.

Pinterest Update

Traffic from Pinterest continued to increase in August 2023. It’s nowhere near the 100,000+ page view months I used to get back in 2019 and 2021, but this source of traffic has grown significantly compared to where it started back on May 4th, 2023.

P.S. If you didn’t know, this blog used to get over 100,000+ monthly visits from Pinterest from 2019 up until March 2021. In March of 2021, there was a Pinterest algorithm update that caused my traffic to decrease significantly. This happened to thousands of other bloggers too. I took a long break from Pinterest and switched my focus to SEO traffic around that time. Then on May 4th of 2023, I decided to get back on Pinterest and I’ve started to put in the work to grow my Pinterest traffic again. This is my progress in the last 4 months.

pinterest traffic for food blog

What I do with Pinterest

I’m following the teaching of Carly from Pinteresting Strategies. She uses Pinterest successfully to drive hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to her various blogs.


Learn all the tips and strategies you need to know to get thousands of monthly page views to your blog from a free traffic source like Pinterest.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I make and publish 2 – 3 new eye-catching pins daily. These pins link back to my posts/recipes so when someone clicks on them they’re taken to my blog. I also save/share a few popular or relevant third-party pins (i/e pins that belong to other bloggers) on my board every month.

I tend to spend a few hours each week researching on Pinterest to see what styles of pins are working for other bloggers.

Income report for August 2023

This is my Mediavine income report for August 2023.

So far, my income keeps inching up ever so slightly every month. The income is still nowhere near where it used to be before the traffic decreased back in April 2023 (check out the April 2023 income report for more information), and I’d really like it if I got a massive spike in traffic that lasts indefinitely (praying to the Pinterest gods for this), but for now, I’m very appreciative of the positive increases.

Here’s a breakdown of my income for August 2023

Food blog income

Mediavine ads —$1530.33

Amazon associates — $86.36

Maxbounty — $93.49

Printables store — $0.00 (Paused)

Other affiliates — $627.90

Total income: $2338.07

Food blog expenses

Bigscooots hosting — $49.95

Shopify —$3.00

Canva — $12.95

Short pixel image optimizer — $4.99

Site backup — $10.00

Groceries — $63.00

Google Workspace — $7.00

Lasso — $39.00

Adobe Lightroom — $9.99

Total expenses — $200.09

Net income: $2137.98

September 2023 blog goals

  1. Update 20 older posts – I’ve seen great results from doing this before.
  2. Publish 10 new posts/recipes
  3. Create and publish 150 pins on Pinterest – Hopefully, this will lead to doubling my Pinterest traffic.
  4. Build internal links to 20 low-performance posts
  5. Add relevant lasso links to 60 of my published posts or recipes.

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