Food Blog Income Report | July 2019

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Last Updated on July 27, 2023 by Toya

This is my July 2019 blog income report for my third month as a food blogger.

This third month went wayyyy better than I thought!

In this post, I share the blog’s progress as well as other important things that happened during the month of July.

As I always do, I’ll explain why I’m sharing my income reports each month below:

Why I’m sharing the journey of my food blog via my income & traffic reports.

Many people often wonder if food blogs are profitable or how much money can you make on a food blog. Obviously, not all of them are, but with the right strategies and information, you can make any food blog…or any blog for that matter successful and profitable.

Therefore, I’m sharing my journey so anyone who wishes to can see the progress of the food blog right from the start. My goal is to make this food blog profitable and to make at least $1000 from it via Mediavine ads within 1 year.

I am sure I can do this if I stay consistent and put in the work. If you want to see this journey, come back here at the beginning of every month to see how this food blog is progressing.

Hopefully, my journey inspires you to start your own food blog too. Because if I can do it, believe me, anyone else can.

So, if you’re someone who would like to start, I created a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to set up a food blog in 30 minutes or less. 

Why I think it’s important to share those reports

I suspect that many people who start blogging quit before really giving it a chance because they don’t seem to see much progress in terms of traffic and income in the first few months of blogging. Therefore, blogging seems useless and it is very easy to quit something that isn’t ‘working’.

Also, many people don’t see bloggers ‘like themselves’ who aren’t making much money and getting much traffic as yet. After all, most income and traffic reports from bloggers seem to be from bloggers making $5000 – $100,000 per month.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. But I hope my income reports can help inspire the average person who sees that they can start from nothing and make their food blog profitable!

To see the progress so far, check out:

How my food blog fared in Month 3

This month my blog almost doubled in traffic. I was not expecting this at all! But I’m grateful and excited nonetheless.

This month, my main focus was to make and share pins on Pinterest to increase my marketing efforts. I’m glad to say those efforts paid off nicely.

Pinterest is a great source of free traffic for food bloggers so if you’re interested in promoting your food blog there, I highly suggest using the strategies in this e-course to help you learn and get started with Pinterest

Income for the third month

I made some money, but I did not achieve my goal of earning $50 from the blog in July. Here’s a breakdown of what happened.

Ads: $0.00 – While I can technically apply for and get into an ad network like Google Adsense or Ezoic right now, I’d much rather wait until I have the sessions required to join Mediavine’s Ad Network. They’re one of the best ad networks for bloggers at the moment.

Amazon associates: $48:76

Total income: $48.76

How I did it:

I’ve shared it before, but I simply link to ingredients on Amazon within my recipe posts. Any time someone clicks on one of my affiliate links and purchases something from Amazon within 24 hours, I get paid a small commission at no cost to them for that purchase.

Blog Expenses

Web hosting: $0.00 (I paid for Siteground for a full year upfront back in May. You can check Sitegound web hosting out if you need affordable hosting to start a blog)

Canva: $12.95

Groceries: $28.59

Total expenses: $41.54



food blog traffic month 3

This is the traffic for my third month! I had a few pins go viral on Pinterest and thus got 20,550 page views in my third month as a food blogger! I’m truly mindblown by this!

As you can see in the screenshot, the pins went viral between the 18th and 24th of July, then died off. My main goal for traffic is to get consistent page views throughout the month, but until then I am happy with the results from viral pins like these.

How was I able to increase my traffic?

I used the strategies in Carly Campbell’s Pinterest e-Course to grow my Pinterest traffic.

You can check out the course yourself and I highly recommend this as she’s super knowledgeable about Pinterest Marketing for bloggers.

Or you can follow some of my simple tips below:

  • I continued to create eye-catching Pinterest graphics on Canva with text overlay.
  • I made sure to publish multiple properly keyworded pins linking to my recipes every day – I aimed for 10 pins daily
  • I’m sharing popular pins from other food bloggers on Pinterest – I aim for 2-3 of those.
  • I’m still trying to join a few popular niche-specific group boards.

Publish posts for July 2019

I was only able to publish 6 posts in July so I failed with last month’s goal of 10 – 15 posts.

Instead, I spent most of my time joining group boards, making pins, and studying what works on Pinterest. I think it’s super important to watch what’s actually working from bigger bloggers on Pinterest and use some of their ideas. So I like to study things like pin designs, the group boards they’re a part of, etc to make sure I’m not way off with my own strategy.

The most time-consuming task was designing the pins. I’ve made pins before but I’ve never paid attention to how much time it took to make them! The time spent is worth it though, because they’re helping my traffic grow each month!

Food blog goals for August 2019

  1. Get 25,000 page views by the last day of August.
  2. Make $100 from the blog!
  3. Publish 10 blog posts/recipes.
  4. Try to increase the time spent on my blog

Will I achieve these food blog goals at the end of August? Stick around to find out if I achieve my goals next month!!

Lastly, if you’re ready to start, you can learn how to start a food blog and get paid here.

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