Food Blog Income Report | February 2020

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Last Updated on July 27, 2023 by Toya

This is my February 2020 blog income report in my tenth month of blogging.

This was my first full month with Mediavine Ads hosted on my blog. It was great to make guaranteed money from the blog every single day. Also, traffic dipped a little, but it was pretty steady throughout the month.

Why I’m sharing my income & traffic reports

I share these simply to motivate and encourage.

  1. I want to motivate aspiring food bloggers to start or keep working on their blogs even though things may seem stagnant in the beginning. 
  2. I want to remind myself to stay consistent and keep working on my blog regardless if I see increases or decreases in income or traffic.
  3. I want to share the strategies and resources that have worked or are currently working for me.

Many people who start blogging quit before really giving it a chance. And, by chance, I mean at least a full year of consistent effort.

But, I want to implore you to keep going on your food blog if you’re planning to start a food blog, or you’ve already started one. Use strategies that are currently working for other bloggers to increase your traffic and income like I’ve been able to do. Because believe me, if I’m able to do it, then anyone else can!

Food blog highlights For February

My traffic was lower than in January 2020, however, it was steady throughout the month. As such, I was able to make consistent money throughout the entire month.

Overall, February was a positive month for the blog

I launched this new(ish) food blog ten months ago. If you would like to see my progress over the last nine months, you should have a look at my previous food blog income and traffic reports below:

Food blog goals I set for February 2020


GOAL #1: Maintain 100,000+ page views

I was not able to maintain 100,000+ page views in February. However, I got 86,591 page views for the month which is absolutely amazing for a 10-month of blog.

GOAL #2: Earn $1500+ from the blog


Here is my earnings breakdown:


Mediavine Ads: $1518.53

Amazon associates: $186.03

Other affiliates (including healthful pursuits): $96.00

TOTAL INCOME: $1800.56



Web Hosting: $0.00 (I paid for hosting for a whole year upfront)

Tailwind: $15.00

Canva- $12.95

Groceries – $64.20


Net Income: $1708.41


GOAL #3: Publish 10 new recipes.


I only had the time to publish 8 new posts/recipes in February.


GOAL #4: Get 6000 sessions from SEO


I only got 4,477 sessions from SEO. This was lower than January’s SEO sessions.

Takeaways from February 2020



While February bought with it a slight decline in Pinterest traffic, the platform still continues to send over 95% of my monthly food blog traffic.

Therefore, I consider Pinterest to be a goldmine for food bloggers since many people use the Pinterest platform to find and save gorgeous food photos and recipes. 

Throughout the ten months that I’ve had this food blog, I’ve continued to spend at least 40% of my time learning and implementing the Pinning Strategies taught in this course.  

My results so far are proof that Pinterest can drive loads of free traffic to new food blogs. 

If you’re interested in starting a food blog, or you already have one and want to get loads of free traffic from Pinterest, I highly recommend that you get Pinteresting Strategies to start growing your traffic.


Organic Traffic Update


I spent some time working on SEO traffic this month. 

However, SEO does not provide quick traffic as Pinterest does. According to SEO enthusiasts, it takes about 6-12 months for search engines like Google to start trusting your new blog and start sending traffic to it. 

I’ll keep working on it so that I eventually get more SEO traffic later this year. 

If you want to improve your own SEO and search traffic, I suggest using the strategies from Stupid Simple SEO. I bought this SEO e-course and have never regretted the purchase. It’s the perfect SEO Course for both beginners as well as people who are already knowledgeable about SEO but want to learn new strategies for growth.

Blog Goals For March 2020!

1. Increase traffic to 90,000+ page views. 

2. Earn $2000+ from the blog

3. Publish 8 new recipes.

4. Get 6000 sessions from SEO

Will I achieve these blog goals at the end of March? Stick around to find out how I’m doing!!

Also, if you have any questions at all, leave a comment and I will help out to the best of my ability.

I would love to know your plans for your blog this month! Share with me in the comments below!

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