5 Best Keto Substitutes For Evaporated Milk

keto substitute for evaporated milk

Check out the best keto substitute for evaporated milk plus 4 other tried and true keto alternatives for evaporated milk in a pinch! Evaporated milk, also known as “unsweetened condensed milk” is a shelf-stable concentrated milk product made of cow’s milk that has been reduced until at least 60 percent of its water content has … Read more

Top 3 Keto Popcorn Substitute Options

keto popcorn substitute

While popcorn is a tasty snack, it does tend to be high in carbs. If you are looking for keto-friendly popcorn substitutes, look no further! In this article, you will learn the top 3 keto popcorn substitute options worth enjoying. Popcorn has a whopping 21 grams of total carbs, or 18 net carbs, in just … Read more

9 Keto Flour Substitute Options

keto flour substitute

Keep reading to see 9 amazing keto flour substitute options that can work for almost every recipe! Are you thinking of making some keto baked goods? Or maybe you’re wanting to make keto gravy and you need to know what type of keto flour you can use to help thicken it up. You’ll be glad … Read more

4 Best Keto Cornmeal Substitute Options

keto cornmeal substitute

Everyone knows that you can’t use cornmeal on keto, as it has approximately 125 grams of carbs per cup. However, what you may not know are some good keto cornmeal substitute ideas that you can use instead. Keep reading to see some good keto substitutes for cornmeal worth trying out!   Traditional cornmeal is used … Read more