9 Homemade Sweet Spice Blends for All Your Cozy Recipes!

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Last Updated on October 19, 2023 by Toya

Need a simple recipe for one of your favorite sweet spice blends? How about 9? Check out these easy sweet spice blends that have no additives or fillers! Plus, they’re so cheap, and most are made with kitchen staples!

These sweet spices will add the most amazing warmth, depth, and a touch of sweetness to your fall, Christmas and more.

They’re aromatic and most include spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, that infuse the most comforting and cozy element to your dishes, making them the perfect complement to desserts, baked goods, and even some savory dishes.

Whether sprinkled on a latte, baked into a pie, or used in a savory sauce, these sweet spices are a must in your own kitchen!

Uses of sweet spice mixes

  1. Classic apple pie – apple pie spice
  2. Carrot cake – allspice mix
  3. Gingerbread cookies or cake – gingerbread spice mix
  4. Spiced whipped cream for desserts with cinnamon or chai spice mix
  5. Homemade granola – chai spice mix
  6. Pancake or waffle batter – pumpkin pie spice
  7. Spiced hot chocolate or mocha drinks – chai spice mix
  8. Sweet scone recipes – British mixed spice (similar to apple pie spice).
  9. Oatmeal or cereal – pumpkin pie spice
  10. Icing or frosting for cakes and cupcakes – chai spice mix
  11. Homemade apple butter – apple pie spice
  12. Candied nuts for a sweet and spicy snack- fruit cake spice mix
  13. Fruit cake recipe – fruit cake spice
  14. Spiced syrups for cocktails and mock-tails – mulling spices
  15. Custard-based desserts like flan – Christmas spice blends
  16. Spiced tea blends – chai spice mix
  17. Rice pudding – gingerbread spice mix or pumpkin pie spice mix
  18. Spiced crème brûlée – apple pie spice
  19. Bread or sweet rolls – gingerbread spice mix
  20. Spiced chocolate truffles or brownies – pumpkin pie spice
  21. Homemade fruit preserves – fruit cake spice mix
  22. Homemade liqueurs – Christmas spice blend
  23. Crafting a sweet spice rub for grilled fruits (use fruit cake spice mix).
  24. Mulling spice sachets for hot drinks – mulling spices

Save this if you’re ready to enjoy your favorite cozy recipes this season!

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