Keto Food List PDF

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New to keto? Not sure what foods you can eat on this new lifestyle? This easy-to-use keto food list printable pdf is exactly what you need.

It outlines over 150 keto friendly foods including produce, meats, fats and oils, pantry items, condiments and spices, nuts and seeds, and more that are low in carbs that can be downloaded below.


Everyone knows that you cannot eat foods made with white, wheat, or baking flours like pastries, muffins, cakes, biscuits, pizzas, etc on keto or low carb. But, not everyone knows all the wonderful whole foods you can enjoy.

This keto food list pdf was designed to help people starting keto have easy access to a comprehensive keto food list so that they don’t have to always wonder if they’re sticking to keto or not.

The first few months of keto can be quite a challenge for many people and this low carb food list is meant to make things that much simpler.
The food list is broken down into important categories like keto vegetables, keto meats and fish, cheeses, fruits, sweeteners, fats and oils, pantry items, nuts and seeds, condiments and spices and seasonings. 
But, before we get to it, here is a list of the foods to avoid on keto

Foods to avoid on keto

Keto recommends that a person eats low carb foods in order to remain in ketosis. Generally, it is recommended to eat below 20 grams of carbs per day.


Many of the mainstream foods that are easy to access are very high in carbs and thus they can quickly use up this small carb allowance in no time. These foods should thus be replaced with lower carb food options. These high carb foods include foods such as: