Spice Substitution Chart With 25 Common Spices

Out of your favorite spice? This list outlines effective ways to substitute for spices with ingredients you have in your kitchen! This list is super handy and worth having in every kitchen for ease of access. This is why we’ve put together this spice substitution chart, which outlines over 25 easy ways to substitute for … Read more

15 Ways To Substitute For Eggs In Cake

egg substitute in cakes

Read the 15 top ways to substitute for eggs in cakes below! Almost every cake recipe seems to call for eggs. And with good reason too as eggs serve many purposes in cake baking. For example, eggs add moisture, and structure and are an important binder for cakes. In short, eggs play a crucial role … Read more

7 Easy Evaporated Milk Substitutes

Evaporated milk substitute (1)

Are you looking for a substitute for evaporated milk? How about seven easy alternatives that work? Keep reading to see what they are and the recipes they can be used in. When it comes to evaporated milk, you cannot use it if you’re vegan, keto, or following a dairy-free lifestyle. This is so because evaporated … Read more

Top 10 Best Heavy Cream Substitute Options

heavy cream substitute

If you’ve run out of heavy cream or you’re trying to cut it out of your cooking, chances are you’re trying to find the best heavy cream substitute options. Whether that be heavy cream alternatives for specific recipes like soups, chicken marsala, or mac & cheese, or just some dairy-free heavy cream substitutes, you will … Read more

21 BEST Ways To Substitute For Eggs In Pancakes

If you’re making a pancake recipe that calls for eggs, and you don’t have eggs, there’s no need to worry. There are many ways to substitute for eggs in pancakes with kitchen staples. In fact, I’m sharing 21 easy ways to substitute eggs in pancakes below!  What do eggs do to pancakes? Eggs are responsible … Read more